UMBowl III > 04.27.12 > Park West, Chicago

The big game has officially come and gone and what a night! UMBowl III exceeded our expectations, and we hope you had as much fun as we did. Thanks to all of you who joined us for the greatest interactive event in all of music. We literally couldn't have done it without you. The marathon recording is now available on (click) and if you prefer to watch, the video stream is now available at (click).

Thanks for allowing us to continue to push the envelope of what's possible in a live setting. You are simply the best fans around.

Team UM

UMBowl III's intro video, a parody on this classic scene from Almost Famous

Tickets + umVIP


Tickets go on sale Wednesday, February 29th at 12:00 pm CT via
Two (2) ticket limit, per transaction
Must be 18 or older to attend

In an effort to help facilitate ticket purchasing, we will make 100 tickets available for cash-only purchase at the Park West box office on February 29th at 12:00 pm CT. Line will open at 10:00 am. There will be a two (2) ticket limit per person.

Game Day umVIP

Guarantee yourself a win with the UMBowl III Game Day umVIP Package! We are pleased to offer both a single VIP ticket package and a travel package bundle to include you and up to three friends. Each umVIP ticket includes a slew of umVIP amenities: an UMBowl III ticket, early entry to the big game at the Park West, an umVIP commemorative laminate, a limited edition Game Day merch pack, a signed-by-the-team limited edition UMBowl III event poster, one of our sought-after umVIP backpacks from our friends at High Sierra, and access to the umVIP balcony (which includes a private bar & bartender, complimentary beer from Lagunitas, and pre-game / half-time food buffet and munchies spread from Vienna Beef).

For more details and specifics on the VIP package, please visit VIP tickets will go on sale Tuesday, February 28 at 12:00 pm CT, through
First Quarter

We will kickoff the evening with the ever popular All Request Quarter. All ticket buyers received a ballot to vote for the songs you would most like to hear, from rarer UM tunes to alternate versions of "the hits" to classic covers. To further improve upon this quarter in 2012, we added some "Special Teams" options to the ballot. Instrument switches, solos, unexpected duos or trios, anything is fair game. Additionally, there was be a write-in category for you to submit your own requests.

Actual ballot for 2012:

And what was played:

Flamethrower > Night Nurse > Voyager > Front Porch, Comma Later [debut, original], Help On the Way > Slipknot!, 46 & 2 [debut, Tool]
Second Quarter

Q2 is an S2. A Stew Art Event, this one of kind Umphrey's innovation, returns to the UMBowl yet again for the 2nd quarter. The band will play a full set of improvisation based exclusively on themes, ideas, scenes, and concepts presented by fans. Entries will be submitted via text message and the best of the best will be added to the playbook. The selected themes will appear before both the band and audience in real time so split second decisions will be paramount. Expect handoffs and hail marys as one musical idea is lateraled to another. Can Umphrey’s keep Q2 turnover free?

A sample of one of last year's spontaneous compositions based on the text "soaring uplifting jam."

Third Quarter

The Umphrey's team is pleased to announce that the third quarter of UMBowl III will be a Choose Your Own Adventure experience. Those in attendance will be calling the plays, quarterbacking the music to unfold at your will.

A series of choices will be presented to the audience on large projection screens and you will decide the opening song of the second half. Voting will occur via text message and the results will be tallied in real time in front of the audience and the band. You will then have the chance to call an audible and dictate what's next. You'll be able to choose from a wide variety of UM originals, improvisational styles, and cover songs. You pick the plays and determine the strategy to make it a killer set. Don't blow it.

A sample screen shot that you may see during the Choose Your Own Adventure quarter:

Fourth Quarter

Ah . . . Jimmy Stewart. How much you've given all of us through the years. Making its debut at UMBowl III is none other than Raw Stewage. Imagine if we had a list of your favorite Stewarts from over the years, and a list of ours alongside it. Now imagine if we played a set linking them together with additional new improv to create a long-form piece of new music . . . that is what you'll witness in Q4. It's on.

For more background on the selection process, please visit this post on Umphrey's blog, The Floor (click). You can stream all of the Raw Stewage candidates below. Enjoy!

And what was played:

Mulche's Odyssey 10.20.07 > The Haunt 06.10.06 > Bright Lights Big City 02.11.11 > Intentions Clear 03.03.11, The Triple Wide 12.11.04 > Nemo 04.08.05 > Groove Holmes 11.02.06 > In the Kitchen 01.22.09

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