Greetings from the booth at UMBowl HQ. We've got more information to share with you, and an opportunity for all UMfans to get their say in the UMBowl "Hall of Fame." More on that in a moment, but first, here are the details on the 2nd Quarter.

With a nod to the texting aspect of our successful Stew Art Series (S2), we now present the Second Quarter, Q2. Q2 will be entirely improvised and driven by bi-directional text communication. The band will huddle and come up with a category which will be texted to Umphrey's own Offensive Coordinator Kevin Browning. He will put the category up on the scoreboard and the audience will be challenged to text their ideas for musical themes based specifically on that category. Kevin and his team will then sort and post chosen texts to the scoreboard for the band to use in constructing their improvs and planning their "plays." As the improv progresses and the huddles continue, Kevin will update the scoreboard with new categories to keep the band marching down the field. Expect handoffs of musical ideas as the jams progress, deep grooves as the band find themselves in 3rd and long situations, audibles as new ideas arise at the line of scrimmage, and sacks as the band gets hit with challenging ideas. Can Umphrey's keep Q2 turnover free?

Stay tuned for more updates on the 3rd and 4th Quarters, the halftime show, ticket on-sale information and merch.

In the meantime, we'd like all Umphrey's McGee fans to have the opportunity to help us with the UMBowl 2010 Hall of Fame. Here's the deal: we know you all have your favorite shows and a variety of stories behind why a particular show remains special in your memory. You've also got your "go to" shows that you reach for when prepping for a road trip, or the favorite show you play when your friends are over, or the show you always play when trying to turn someone on to the music of Umphrey's McGee. We are asking all of you to give this some thought . . . and then visit where you will find a poll. In this poll, you may vote for ONE show per calendar year from 2004 through 2009 to be chosen to represent that year in the UMBowl 2010 Hall of fame. We will press an extremely limited number of these "Six Pack" Hall of Fame shows to CD in a custom, numbered package, autographed by the band. Pricing details and purchasing information to come. Individual Hall of Fame winners will be available for download via

So let's hear it fans . . . what show from 2004 deserves to be in the Hall of Fame? How about 2006? Last year? Vote now!

Much more to come. Stay tuned!

Lincoln Hall
2424 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Saturday April 24, 2010
Doors 7:00 pm, Show 8:00 pm