We Won!
Thanks to everyone who attended the inaugural UMBowl, from near and far. From all accounts, it was an overwhelming success, and the band has their fans to thank. Over the next few days and weeks, we will be updating the site with links to recordings of the show, videos, photos, and reviews.

iClips UMBowl Recap

UMLive Download
The complete UMBowl is "live" on UMLive, available as MP3, FLAC, and FLAC-HD. Highlights include live debuts of The Weight Around; Red Room Disco & Wife Soup (dub), the first publicly available Stew Art set; debut covers of Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp, Interstate Love Song & Girlfriend is Better; and last but not least, the Muff duology bust-out.

You can download through www.umlive.net.

Intermission Videos
Between quarters, the band projected videos on the screen: This is Umphrey's McGee. As described on Umphrey's blog:

In case you missed the event we wanted share a handful of videos we used for Quarter introductions. Turns out Jefferson Waful isn't just a great LD but also happens to know a thing or two about video. Sit back and enjoy a little bit of classic UM drama and comedy.